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Access to all kinds of coffee

The number of branch offices and their locations give us access to all kinds of coffee.

We sell from high end Arabica to Rio Minas and even Conillon, but our core business are the strictly soft coffees from São Paulo and Minas Gerais.

We source our coffee from producers, cooperatives and local trading companies, store them in our own warehouses or in warehouses owned by third parties, prepare them according to the requirements of every individual client and transport them all the way to FOB in the port of shipment.

Our clients can count on the support of four graders and cuppers for the Brazilian coffee exchange BM&F and two judges for the Brazilian Specialty Coffee Association. Three of our staff are exclusively taking care of our shipments and the correct preparation of every quality in our book.

NKG Stockler Ltda.

We combine knowledge, dedication and passion.

NKG Stockler Ltda.

We combine knowledge, dedication and passion.


We currently have eleven operating branch offices

We have grown our network of office over the past years to be closer to our supply chains and the producers of our coffees. We currently have eleven offices and buying stations spread over the main coffee producing regions.

Our strongest presence is also in the largest producing state, Minas Gerais, where we have offices in Sul de Minas, Cerrado and Matas de Minas. To be more precise:
São Sebastião do Paraiso
Alto Caparaó

We have three offices in the state of São Paulo:
Espirito Santo do Pinhal

We our most recent opening in Espirito Santo, we now have two offices in this state:

These offices are backed up by a network of five warehouses, currently ranging from Varginha to Franca.